The Team

Dr Maximillian Hirschmann(DC)

Max is the Founder at Hirschmann Health. 

He is qualified as both a Chiropractor (5 years studying a Masters's degree) and a Personal Trainer.  He has treated 1000s of patients and has seen all manner of conditions.

No matter what your state of health is, if you're willing to put the work in, max will support you every step of the way.


Qualified in taking and reading x-rays, diagnosing neurological conditions, performing dry needling and the list goes on.


Hirschmann Health was set up to provide a healthcare system that not only provides the highest standard of care but holds itself and its patients accountable for their results.  We believe education and self-care is the route to long-lasting changes and that's what the company embodies.

You'll usually find Max sat reading a big medical textbook or the latest research papers. He is constantly learning new techniques to incorporate into Hirschmann Health treatments and their processes. If he's not doing this, you'll find him being a huge foodie around Londons food markets. He enjoys anything sport-related, playing his instruments (saxophone, Piano, guitar) and walks his dog called chickens (don't ask) in Battersea Park.

laylah cook - massage therapist 

Laylah is Hirschmann Healths dedicated massage therapist. She is qualified in both sports and pregnancy massage and is currently completing her 3rd year of a 5 year Masters degree in chiropractic.

Her passion for massage derives from the want to help people improve, maintain or change their health and fitness.  It's important for individuals to find time to connect to their bodies in today's hectic lifestyle.


Laylah works closely with Dr Hirschmann to ensure you receive the best possible tailored treatments to get the most from your care with Hirschmann Health.

You’ll usually find laylah head down in her studies, exploring the galleries of London or spending her spare time  down in Cornwall near the sea! 

Thomas House

84 Eccleston Square, London


0207 118 2019