The Team

Dr Maximillian Hirschmann(DC)

Dr. Hirschmann is the Founder and Clinical Director at Hirschmann Health. 

He has a Masters in Chiropractic and specialises in Rehabilitation.  He has treated 1000s of patients and has seen all manner of conditions.

No matter what your state of health is, if you're willing to put the work in, max will support you every step of the way.



Hirschmann Health was set up to provide a healthcare system that not only provides the highest standard of care but holds itself and its patients accountable for their results.  We believe education and self-care is the route to long-lasting changes and that's what the company embodies.

You'll usually find Max sat reading a big medical textbook or the latest research papers. He is constantly learning new techniques to incorporate into Hirschmann Health treatments and their processes. If he's not doing this, you'll find him being a huge foodie around Londons food markets. He enjoys anything sport-related, playing his instruments (saxophone, Piano, guitar) and walks his dog called chickens (don't ask) in Battersea Park.

amber daltrey - massage therapist 

Amber is Hirschmann Healths dedicated massage therapist. She is qualified in both Holistic and Sports Massage and has a lot of experience, having been in full-time practice since 2016.


Amber is a keen gym-goer with an interest in weight training and believes that movement is essential for a healthy body.

She enjoys working with clients to relieve pain, free constricted areas and improve their movement while encouraging them to switch off and re-embody.


Amber works closely with Dr Hirschmann to ensure you receive the best possible tailored treatments to get the most from your care with Hirschmann Health. 


In her spare time, you will find Amber at the gym or exploring London and visiting it's many art galleries. 


Natasha - Operations manager

Tasha works tirelessly behind the scenes so Hirschmann Health runs smoothly. 


She excels when it comes to operations and business development.

Simply put, we couldn't live without her.