What We Do












It all starts with you


it continues with you.


Teaching you to understand your body, how to look after it and preventing problems before they even begin is the key.

You dont want to become dependant on treatment.

The Process


Every step of the way we train you and measure your progress so you can see it for yourself.

You and your Specialist will work together as a team, to make sure consistency and technique are always improving. 


All three combined lead to long lasting solid results


We are very much hands on in our approach from the start.

Our specialists are highly qualified in a vast list of treatment methods which, is always being updated by the latest research.

Your treatment will be bespoke designed to your bodies needs.

Everything you need to know

Who we are

  • We are a trusted Healthcare brand within the U.K. Specialising in preventative orthopaedic medicine.
  • Hirschmann Health was set up to provide a healthcare system that not only provides the highest standard of care but holds itself and its patients accountable for their results. We believe education and self-care is the route to long-lasting changes and that's what the company embodies.

What we do

  • Orthopaedic medicine treats issues of the bones, muscles, joints and nerves which make up the musculo-skeletal system – in simple terms our entire physical body.
  • By Preventative orthopaedic care, we mean we do everything possible in today's medicine right up until there are no other options than surgery or more invasive procedures.

How we can help you

  • From severe debilitating conditions to your average day to day pains and stiffness.
  • You would be surprised by the amount of conditions and problems we can help with.
  • We have seen 1000's of patients and have experience with all different injuries and dysfunctional patterns.
  • For a non exhaustive list - see conditions on the menu above.
  • If we cannot help your condition, we will refer you to a professional who is best equipped to help. If you have a rare condition or symptom and are unsure about whether we can help, please feel free to contact us prior to your initial assessment and a HH therapist will answer any questions you may have.

How is HH different to other providers?

  • We provide a unique strategic and systematic approach that not only keeps you on track during and long after your treatments with us, but gets both you and your specialist (yes them aswell!) actively and consistently working to achieve the best outcomes!
  • Treating the root cause of your issue we believe, should go without saying but unfortunately within current healthcare systems, this is not always the case. Regardless of your symptoms and area of complaint, we take your full body biomechanics into account, your lifestyle and of course you as a person!
  • We are heavily research based in our procedures with the aim to provide the best treatments available with proven results. We consistently measure and re-evaluate objectively and subjectively your improvements, so you can see them clearly for yourself.

What training do HH therapists have?

  • Our therapists consist of a team of highly qualified Chiropractors and massage therapists. All our Chiropractors are officially Registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) which is the governing body within the U.K. It is illegal to use the term Chiropractor without being officially registered.
  • Chiropractors Obtain a Masters degree over 4-5 years.
  • At Hirschmann Health we have moved on from these basic titles which don't truly identify the individual specialists experience, qualifications or knowledge. In order to keep consistency of treatments and level of service we provide additional inhouse training to ensure no matter which clinic our patients visit, you can expect the same great experience.
  • They are required to go above and beyond their CPD (continued professional development) requirements set by their regulatory bodies. Essentially this means they can provide a far broader scope of treatments/services at a high standard.

Is HH treatment painful?

  • Worried that you will leave a session crying in agony? Not a chance.
  • Prior to any treatment, your HH specialist will discuss everything with you, ensuring you are happy to proceed.
  • Granted, some therapies can be a little more tender than others as some work will require deep release of tension that has built up over a long period. Through years of experience, bringing about long term changes can require techniques that can be uncomfortable.
  • When you’ve been to the gym and you feel aching muscles the day after, you don’t think its bad do you? You know you’ve done your body some good. It’s the same with treatment.
  • This is certainly nothing to be concerned about, if at any time you feel anything is too much, just let your HH specialist know and they can change their treatment type and/or pressure.

Will I get treated in my first appointment?

  • Subject to your HH specialist and if you are happy to, 90% of the time we will give you a small taster to show you what treatment is like.
  • Your HH specialist will perform a thorough full body examination to assess your needs and problems prior.

How many sessions will I need?

  • Most People feel an immediate improvement from their first session!
  • Your HH specialist will explain what is needed in detail at your second appointment.
  • Generally the following rule of thumb applies for significant/long lasting results:
    • Minor injuries/dysfunctions –
      • 6-12 sessions
      • We aim for upto 50% improvement by your 6th session.
    • Major injuries and/or severe long term issues –
      • 20 sessions or more to see resolution of your problem/symptoms
      • As we are sure you can understand, issues that have been present for a long time, will not disappear overnight.
  • This really varies from person to person and these sessions are spread over a long period. Some issues resolve alot faster than expected and some are a little slower to respond to treatment. In either case, we reassess you everytime we see you to ensure youre improving.

How can HH help me if I don’t have any pain?

  • Sat on a chair all day?
  • Not stretching, mobilising or exercising enough?
  • Looking down at your phone all the time?
  • Poor posture?
............. We are all guilty of these to some extent.
  • Our modern lifestyles tend to be the root cause of our dysfunctions. They stop our body working the way it is designed to. This builds up over time without us even noticing, leading to injuries in seemingly normal activities. Basically waiting until you injure yourself or you're in pain is not the way to go.
  • Preventing these dysfunctions is the key to feeling better and living a long, Happy and Healthy life! Our Core principles at HH:
    • Education and Self care is the route to long lasting changes
    • We should all be seeing a specialist once a month for an MOT to maintain great function, keep on top of any issues (we all have them) and generally keep our bodies well oiled and running!
  • See the MSK classes tab on the top menu for a more indepth explanation.

Do I need a referral from my Doctor to see a HH Specialist?

  • No.
  • Our Specialists are highly qualified to assess and diagnose you without referrals.
  • You can come directly to us and receive diagnosis and treatment very quickly.
  • If scans or further investigations are required we can refer you directly.
  • If your condition cannot be treated by us, we will refer you to the correct professionals.

How does this all work with my insurance?

  • Most health insurers include the care we provide. We advise you to check specifics directly with your insurers as they tend to have maximum allowances.
  • Please confirm what cover you have with your insurer prior to making an appointment.
  • Please also check with us prior to booking your appointment
  • The way it works is that you will pay us upfront and the insurance companies will reimburse you with proof of a receipt from us.
  • Any issues, just contact us.

Does the NHS cover HH care?

  • No, we are a private healthcare company.

What does HH treatment cost?

  • All prices are displayed on the services tab and booking platform on the top menu.
  • The prices vary depending on the type of appointment.
  • All MSK classes cost the same

Can I get X-rays with HH?

We work with a private company nearby. We don’t offer inhouse x-ray services.

Can I work for HH?

We are currently looking for a massage therapist, please email us your CV with a covering letter

All other positions are currently filled, please email us your CV with a covering letter and we will keep them on record and contact you if anything opens up!